I would like to use this space to thank the following people for their continued creative and professional partnerships over the years: Jef Loyola and Mya Kramer of The-M-Line; Meg Ray of Miette; Jennifer and Tim Fredel of the Kudos Trading Co.; Steve Mortensen of Steve Mortensen Design; Swish for being a Man in Black; Barbara Ashton who lit the spark; Elijah and Jasmine for sharing crayons; and Sen for rescuing paintings rather forgotten from the trash.

I would also like to thank a few of my design heros: Rockwell Kent, Seymour Chwast, Richard Lindner, M.C. Escher, Kathe Kollwitz, Hundertwasser, Alan Fletcher, James McMullan, Brad Holland, Saul Bass, Dr. Seuss and Shell Silverstein. A special thanks to: Ralph Steadman whose book The Big I Am I encountered while a student at the London School of Economics and which was more a mirror than a book, and Milton Glaser because if I didn't come across your cover illustration of the chef while I was a student at the University of Chicago I might be in the philosophy trade instead of the communication arts—your career as both an illustrator and designer is a constant inspiration.

2013 animated holiday card for the San Francisco International Airport. This was emailed to employees, vendors, and travel industry partners of SFO.


12-panel accordion-fold brochure celebrating the donuts that can be delivered in San Francisco using the Kudos Trading Co. premier delivery service.

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Image 1 ) Hero art for the Testimonial page that is both sophisticated and child-centric. The paperclip complements the line weight of the wordmark (not shown).

Image 2 ) Hero art for the Program page.

Image 3 ) Hero art for the Contact page.

Image 4 ) Hero art for the About page.

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Image 1 ) A hand-drawn chalk board illustration for Fluidigm, a biotech company, created for an advertising campaign.

Image 2 ) The illustration is reproduced and enlarged on a trade show booth.

Image 3 ) Online banners that publicize Fluidigm and support the campaign. T-shirts were also made using the illustration.

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Images 1-11 ) 14 paintings (11 shown) created for SFOs 2013 holiday campaign on behalf of The-M-Line agency. The paintings were enlarged and mounted on signs that invite travelers to photograph their own faces when positioned in die-cut windows then post photos to Instagram for a chance to win prizes.

Images 12-16 ) A few examples of photos that travelers posted to Instagram throughout the holiday season.

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Images 1-6 ) Business cards for a yoga studio in Taipei. In the spirit of origami and other foldable Asian paper crafts, these cards feature male and female figures that assume the Down Dog yoga position when the card is folded. Students can collect the cards and display them which promotes the studio. When lined up, the cards resemble a class in session. Students are encouraged to place cards in unusual spots around town and post pictures. Printed on satin coated paper.


Logo and website for prominent, full-service San Francisco based catering company.


Logo for East Coast wedding photographer.
Branding • Packaging • Collateral • Illustration • Web Design
• Advertising • Art Directing • Signage


Miette is a prominent San Francisco Pâtisserie in the Ferry Building, Hayes Valley, and Larkspur. For the past 10 years I have had the pleasure of developing their brand from initial sketches through their current collection of recognizable brand components. Miette wanted to be a brand that has a beautiful, recognizable look that is not rigidly applied—and has succeeded.

Using a combination of illustration and design skills I developed a system of elements that would serve as the foundation of the brand. These include simple hand drawn flower illustrations, a sophisticated color palette and an array of packaging forms. Using overprinting techniques, die-cuts, and letterpressing, elements combine to achieve the cute yet elegant brand that remains fresh and continues to evolve.

Blade sign at the Hayes Valley confiserie with logo.

15x22 inch three-color silkscreen poster celebrating imported licorice available at the confiserie. Posters are for sale at the store.

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Image 1 ) A selection from the growing and highly recognized packaging system. Elements are based on color and illustrated flower systems. Overprinting and screens of spot colors add artistic appeal and extend visual range.

Image 2 ) More elements from the packaging and collateral system including bands that wrap around boxes, scalloped die-cut cards and matching ordering forms.

Image 3 ) Glass custard cups are enjoyed and collected.

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Image 1 ) Illustrated packaging for cookies offered at the San Francisco Ballet Nutcracker, a flower grommet tent label, colored matches, stickers, glassine bags and loyalty cards.

Image 2 ) 18x24 inch silkscreen poster.

A series of illustrated cards for each of the four store locations.

Home page that integrates the flower motif, allows for dynamic messaging and features a photo by Frankie Frankeny.

Sample of a page illustration from the cookbook published by Chronicle Books. Photo on opposite page by Frankie Frankeny.
Branding • Event Design • Program Design • Logo & Color System • Web Graphics • Layout • Marketing Material


For the most insightful technology news, people visit Recode online and attend Recode's highly anticipated national conferences. The likes of Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg have spoken on stage and eminent tech jounalists Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher are at the company's helm. Originally called All Things D, I was hired to re-imagine what the the new family of conferences and conference identities would look under the umbrella of Recode.

The dynamic, flexible and ever growing system relies on abstract, often blurred and/or halftone visuals, that speak to our kinetic age in flux. The tonal images are juxtaposed with bold, hard edge, and often transparent color fields. The programs elevate these design elements by incorporating metallic ink, spot varnish, and laminated matte coated paper.

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Image 1 ) 50 page, 8x8 inch program, mini-program and badge design system for the 2015 Code Conference. All greys printed silver and reds are hit with a spot varnish.

Image 2 ) Examples of event signage which tie in visually with the program. The background art is shifted on each sign for variety.

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Image 1 ) Programs from three conferences along with mini-programs that fit into badge holders. All designs rely on abstract halftone images printed silver.

Image 2 ) Examples of three Code Conference signs which display halftone patterns that complement the program cover.

Image 3 ) The new brand extended to stage design.

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Image 1 ) The cover of the Code Enterprise conference program. Abstract, modular architectural features provide an apt visual metaphor for a conference focused on back-end stability, security and storage.

Image 2 ) Examples of the many vertical signs which vary by positioning windows in different patterns.

Image 3 ) Stage wall design.

A banner from the online visual system.

Logos of the conference itself and parent event brand.
Branding • Logo Design • Color Palette • Marketing Material • Poster Design • Illustration • Silkscreening • Typography

Five Thôt is an event company in San Francisco that presents live intelligent entertainment by bringing together thinkers and performers on stage. Events in the past, for example, have been held at the San Francisco Jazz Center, where entrepreneurs are in conversation on stage followed by spoken word and musical performances. Other smaller events have been held at restaurants. Thus, the company caters to our five senses. I was asked to develop a brand around this idea.

I designed a simple, bold logo that integrates the idea of conversation and sense. Because the logo is very self contained, it scales well and reads clearly in the company of illustration, photography and typography. A desaturated color palette combined with natural toned papers conveys distinction.

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Images 1-2) Silkscreen poster (18x11 inches) announcing an invitation only dining event in San Francisco. The posters were rolled and secured with hemp, tag, and an old fashioned fork. Each guest was asked to show the fork at the door upon entering.

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Images 1-2) Logo for event company that weaves symposiums, performances and speaking engagements into one experience. Events feature thought leaders in various fields and engage the five senses in evocative ways. Events are social and are hosted in hip venues and environments.

Image 3) Event card that complements Moleskine notebooks which are given to event attendees. Printed on 16pt Kraft cardstock.

Postcard distributed at the San Francisco Jazz Center events.

David Ibsen, founder of Five Thôt, designed this effective stage. Logo is projected in the back and an upright display resides stage right. Mural is by Elliot C. Nathan. Michael Maher, the Co-Founder of Taylor Stitch, an innovative men's shirt company in San Francisco, speaks to the audience.
Art Directing • Branding • Digital Iconography • Illustration • Visual Systems • Book Design • Layout Systems • Advertising • Event Design • Digital & Print Marketing • Digital Production • Typography


Blurb is the premier self-publishing and on-demand bookmaking service. I joined the team when there were only a handful of employees and contributed to the product development and marketing engines of the company. From a service perspective, the product had to function well, look great and have beautiful customizable features; from a marketing perspective the product had to appeal to diverse professionals and amateurs.

As the Senior Art Director, I applied traditional and digital illustration skills, as well as layout and typography skills, to create visual themes, software and web iconography and book templates. On the marketing side, I designed print campaign and event design systems that could be tailored to different audiences.

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Image 1 ) A medley of stylistically different patterns and illustrations available to customize layouts.

Image 2 ) Icons of some of the patterns and illustrations I created for book design customization.

Image 3 ) An example of how illustrations are used inside a book to add visual interest.

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Image 1 ) Poster from the first year. I created this illustration solution which successfully bridges the ideas of photography, bookmaking and soaring to new personal heights. I also created an animated version, the competition wordmark and integrated event designs. The orange plays well against the cyan Blurb logo and is used as a primary visual component for all contest elements.

Image 2 ) I created this poster for the second year. It uses a photograph from a book by Andrew Crooks that was submitted for the previous year's competition.

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Image 1 ) Double page spread, magazine print ad featuring a photograph by Michael Creagh.

Image 2 ) Postcard celebrating multiple book sizes.

Image 3 ) Example of a postcard from a system that uses a variety of hands and books selected for specific audiences.

Image 4 ) Holiday email graphic.

Application icon and a few software icons.
Branding • Art Directing • Identity • Illustration • Animation • Web Design • Mobile Design • Email Marketing • Poster Design • Press Kit • Advertising


Kudos Trading Co. turns a mobile device into a gourmet vending machine and stationery system. Users can send micro gifts from local vendors, like a scoop of ice cream, or animated cards. I was asked to name and visualize what this brand would look like and then design all the elements—from the interfaces to the artwork—that would fulfill this vision.

The vision succeeds because the user experience feels artfully crafted. Hand-drawn animations and illustrations complement the hand-crafted gourmet gifts that are offered. The identity of the small elephant carrying a gift symbolizes the significance, strength and impact of the small gifts and kudos and is used online and in print, including letterpressed cards and silkscreened posters.

Illustrated email graphic promoting a mobile Mother's Day card.

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Image 1 ) Animated Mother's Day illustraton; the hair blows and the water laps agains the shell.

Image 2 ) Animated card created when the San Francisco Giants were in the World Series for the second consecutive year.

Image 3 ) Animated card created for birthdays.

Image 4 ) A philanthropic animated card. Proceeds for buying and sending this card goes toward the Trust for Public Land

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Image 1 ) 14x22 inch silkscreen that merchants display in their store.

Image 2 ) A poster designed specifically for a boutique ice-cream store in San Francisco. They are kick-starting an effort to fund a new store in the Ferry Building. Matching online banners complement the poster.

Image 3 ) A poster designed for an ice-cream sandwich store and food truck in Los Angeles. Matching online banners complement the poster.

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Image 1 ) Mobile design of a feature page that allows users to anonymously share affirmations.

Image 2 ) Mobile home page (left) and 4-Step process page (right).

Illustrated Twitter page with brand elements.

(left to right) Die-cut merchant bouquet tags; 2-sided letterpressed and die-cut business cards with branded QR code/gift box lockup; in-store promotional cards.
Event Design • Campaign Concepting • Illustration • Graphic Design • Art Directing• Advertising

In 2011, the San Francisco International Terminal re-opened the completely remodeled Termal 2 for Virgin America and American Airlines. I was hired by The-M-Line to conceptualize and design the city-wide and airport-wide campaign to celebrate this historic event.

I presented two very different directions, and they selected an illustrated approach that I called "A Great Place to Meet Planes", which personified airplanes interacting with passengers. I chose a style that felt spontaneous and graphic, sophisticated yet playful. Because the campaign would extend to many different forms and instances, the illustrations were easily mixed and matched for variation. The campaign included banners, billboards, print and online ads, as well as invitiations and signage.

Illustrations of people mingling with planes.

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Image 1 ) Poster art incorporating Virgin's emblematic red.

Image 2 ) Poster art airport personalities and a Virgin plane.

Full page ad that ran various national magazines.

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Image 1 ) Illustration celebrating the terminal's cafe options.

Image 2 ) Example of a printed banner using the banner.

Image 7 ) Illustration celebrating the terminal's fine art displays.

Image 8 ) A photograph of a printed banner using the illustration.

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Image 1 ) Two standup displays at the airport.

Image 2 ) Illustrations shown on airport media displays.

Example of a banner on the side of a MUNI train.

A graphic on SFO's home page.
Branding • Identity • Illustration • Collateral • Stationery • Maps • Web Design • Marketing

Rugged Elegance is a lifestyle company that celebrates restaurants, hotels, shops and destinations that have old-world sophistication mixed with natural and textured sensibilities. The founders wanted to create a brand that embodied this aesthetic and which would be materialized online and in print with maps, guides and cards related to San Francisco.

First I created an identity using a running horse that captures the rugged elegant spirit. Next, I drew over 100 architectural landmarks to accompany 12 hand-painted neighborhood guides and maps, including one aerial map of the city. In addition, I added illustrated emblems to the maps which represent each neighborhood. These emblems were also available as a collection of cards.

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Image 1 ) A neighborhood card and close-up of illustrated aerial map.

Image 2 ) Illustrated Union Square guide and aerial map.

Image 3 ) Illustrated window decal and illustrated North Beach guide.

Image 4 ) Award winning engraved, register-embossed logo on Cranes stationery paper.

Four of twelve neighborhood emblems used on maps, guides and cards printed on handmade Italian paper.

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Image 1 ) Vignette of hand-drawn downtown San Francisco landmarks that appear on the aerial San Francisco map.

Image 2 ) Map drawing of the San Francisco Ferry Building.

Image 3 ) Map drawing of Grace Cathedral.
Branding • Icon Design

Below is an assortment of logos and icons created for a range of industries. I've selected marks that reflect a variety of visual approaches and uses. When printed, many of these marks took advantage of techniques like embossing, varnishing, and engraving. Other examples of logos and icons are displayed in client showcases on my site.

Icons and logos solve different problems. In some cases an icon might be more detailed than a logo and other times the opposite is true. From a practical point of view, both benefit from simpicity: icons and logos that are simple are easier to print, easier to integrate as part of larger designs, and easier to comprehend and remember. An icon or logo that is too complex might be a perfectly acceptable illustration in different context.

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Image 1 ) (left to right) Logos for a jeweler, lifestyle company, web company, production company.

Image 2 ) (left to right) Logos for a social policy conference, think tank anniverary, political site, and Latin American surf wax brand.

Image 3 ) (left to right) Logos for a yoga studio, a gourmet food company, a fashion blog, a Napa Valley wine company

Image 4 ) (left to right) Logos for a photographer, an interior design blog, an Italian fashion designer (the "S" curves around the "U" like hair around a woman's neck), and an Italian olive oil company that means "Heart of Sardinia".

Image 5 ) (left to right) Logos for a San Francisco pâtisserie, and a mobile gifting company.

Image 6 ) (left to right) Logos for a Hawaiian influenced baking company and their products, and the San Francisco International Airport's new air-traffic control tower project.

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Image 1 ) Icons for an HP handheld GPS device.

Image 2 ) An assortment of the icons created for Westlaw, the largest online legal library.

Image 3 ) An example of inforgraphics from a series of combat medical device instructions.

Image 4 ) Information graphics created for a brochure celebrating the San Francisco Airport's ability to accommodate the giant Airbus A380 superliner.
Illustration • Art Direction • Book Design

The Builder is a book about turning one's vision into reality. Specifically, it is about a man who dreams of building a stadium and his quest to see it completed. It has overtones of Atlas Shrugged and is based on a poem by Ernest Edmundson, Jr. who was a mid-century rice and grain businessman from the South. The poem was rather short and the challenge was to illustrate it in a way that gave it the the significance it deserves.

I decided to illustrate the poem as a series of magical realistic images that would allow me to create strong visuals not limited by strict representation. The images have a strong editorial sensibility and are unified by their simple, stark execution using india ink and guache on kraft paper. In all, there were about 60 illustrations (8 of these are shown here).

Cover of abstract Superdome with a bird motif used throughout.

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Image 1 ) Begin the quest.

Image 2 ) Become empowered.

Image 3 ) Share your idea.

Image 4 ) Partner with an architect.

Image 5 ) Find a financier.

Image 6 ) Start the work.


Great accomplishments begin with an idea.

The Soundwave Festival is an annual music event in San Francisco that invites musicians and sound artists from around the world to perform and create art installations about sound experiences. I was invited to illustrate 10 songs (5 shown here) by Odessa Chen, a Bay Area singer songwriter, which would be projected on stage while performed.

The songs explore man's precarious relationship with nature and appear on an album called Archives of the Natural World. The songs are impressionistic so I created images inspired by each song instead of depicting them literally. By doing so, the illustrations tell their own stories independent of the lyrics, but nonetheless, relate to them. When experienced during the performance, the songs and illustrations took on new meaning.
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Image 1 ) For the song entitled Deer Perspectives.

Image 2 ) For the song entitled Archives

Image 3 ) For the song entitled Atlantis

Image 4 ) For the song entitled Embers

Image 5 ) For the song entitled Lesser Creatures
Logo • Packaging • Collateral • Illustration • Art Directing • Illustration • Animation • Iconography • Poster Design


Fluidigm is an international biotech leader that hired me on a number of projects: redesigning their packaging system; creating a wordmark system for their packages and products; designing a web portal for labs to request gene sequences; and various marketing materials.

For the packaging system (2 of 5 forms shown here), I designed boxes which are primarily black and stand out in clinical white laboratories and which have interchangeable cellular photographic elements. The blue color of these elements complement the corporate colors. The inside flaps have chromatic colors and messaging that invite discovery when the box is open. Other elements also key off the blue color associated with the brand.

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Image 1 ) Printed promotion with die-cut torn edge and sketches that simulates a lab notebook. The promotions encourages scientists to trade in their old "dinosaur" technology.

Image 2 ) Home page banner based on the printed piece.

Image 3 ) Animated promotional web banner in which the pen writes the name of the product.

Image 4 ) Animated promotional web banner (3 frames shown). The dinosaur walks off the page while strobe lines around the Biomark unit flash.

A frame from the 2012 animated card in which a scientist releases snowflakes when the instrument panel is touched.

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Image 1 ) Example of two boxes from the new system.

Image 2 ) Three examples from the new product wordmark system.

Image 3 ) Example of the wordmark on a banner and on the unit that won best of category in the industrial design show.

A cellular poster that hangs in laboratories and displays useful reference information.

Icons for a portal that allows scientists to set up and order genomic tests online.
Drawing • Painting • Silkscreening • Illustration • Design • Creative Writing • Posters

In the last couple of years I have spent less time painting with oil and guache and have concentrated more on silkscreening in my studio. Sometimes I will develop a print based on an idea found in my sketchbooks or I will create a print for a specific person, place or event from new sketches. I enjoy the physical aspect of printmaking as well as having control of all aspects of the process from concept to completion. Like my commercial work, I work in many styles and I select one that best suits my mood or the image. Many of my prints are for sale and I also work on commission.

A print is shown below, but if you would like to see a selection of prints and paintings please request a password. Thank you for your interest.

13x20 inch silkscreen created for my son's 10th birthday entitled